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写真家 アキタヒデキ



On my first personal exhibition in 2008, I had to decide what my profile would read.After many tergiversations I opted for “planar artist”. Sometimes I write “cameraman”, but mostly I stick with that, “planar artist”.

Most of my photographs are bathed in crude red light, colorised, relying on strong filters, and as a result are all but photographic. Why I am using filters? I don’t know myself. Through random experiments, I end up filling the world with color, blurring it, distorting it.Why not show the world as it is? I have been working with that question in mind all along, unable to call myself a photographer, thus going by the qualification of “planar artist”.

But what does make a photographer? I have come to think that it is “the ability to observe what is in front of you, to absorb it, and get in touch with the world”. Embrace the world and vibrate with it. A strong resonance with the world is what I think makes a great and pure photographer. In fact, a picture that truly absorbs reality, approaches the world and resonates with it, does not require the intervention of any filter.

So what is the purpose of those filters? I think they were for me an expression of different states of urgency. Pain and sorrow. Anger. Jealousy. Conflict. A beautiful memory. Ambition. Despair. Hope.When those feelings would become too strong and spill onto the real world, they would take the form of color filters, with which I would distort the world.

When that thought came upon me, I realised the world was divided in two parts, separated by my own conscience. One is the “real” world. The other is my inner world, my soul.

I believe my attachment to planar, flat surfaces came from my drifting between the real world and the inner world, camera in hand. It seems like a simple fact but it is really profound, and it took me quite a while to become conscious of it.

Having become aware of those two worlds, now, seven years after my first exhibition, I feel that I may call myself a photographer at last.

“Sekai” (world), an exhibition of photographs in touch with the world, will take place from April 11 in FAbULOUS’ gallery space.

Then, the other world of “Cocoro” (soul). In front of pictures of a distorted world, I hope and believe some people will feel a vibration in their own hearts. If those images could resonate with the softer part of the soul you have been growing and developing during your whole life, if they could reach to you, it would be such a wonderful thing. “Cocoro”, an exhibition of photographs in touch with the soul, will take place from April 21 in TO OV cafe.

Please go and meet the “world” and the “soul”. May they resonate in your very own heart. We are looking forward to your visit.

Akitahideki , photographer



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